Although aging can be a challenging process, with the proper tools it can result in a prosperous, balanced and vital lifestyle. The Healthy Aging and You Calendar is a simple cost effective method of sharing important tips regarding health and aging issues. Because the calendar can be customized with your logo and photographs of your residents, employees or members, it makes the perfect gift for residents, their families and friends, and in addition, can serve as an impressive marketing tool.

Circadian Age, Inc. is focused on the biological "Clock" of seniors. Bet you're scratching your head thinking about time running out for women who want to get pregnant!

Actually, each of us has an internal clock in our brains that leads our bodies into action or tells us how to respond to our environment. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that respond primarily to light and darkness. Notice that most seniors are larks and they're more alert in the morning than at night? Seniors' often complain they are cold; this is not just a function of lower blood pressure. Insomnia, anxiety and depression plague many seniors. Some of these complaints may be caused by malfunctioning Clocks or by our out of date expectations of how we are supposed to react to our environment.

Our goal at Circadian Age, Inc. is to help seniors, their friends, families and caregivers understand the physical, mental and behavioral changes that come with aging. We hope that with understanding and patience, respect and new solutions for seniors will emerge.

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